About Skip

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised
in a suburb of Detroit. When you grow up here, you are born a
Detroit Tiger’s fan. My grandparents lived a few blocks away
from Tiger Stadium. Many times (as a child) I would play
around the stadium, and of course I went to my share of
games. My grandfather owned a parking lot which he used to
park cars for people attending baseball games. I helped out
as often as I could, watching him talk to fans and
maintaining a keen eye on the cars. Detroit Tiger’s baseball
is in my blood. ABOUT THIS BLOG Baseball is a game of
statistics. The game lives and thrives on them. Everyday
statistics are used to provide a glimpse of a players
performance, and ultimately their worth. Without a doubt,
they are important to this game. I enjoy reading articles and
blogs that employ statistics to emphasize a point, or to
predict the outcome of a particular series. Although I will
employ statistics in my posts, please don’t expect them to
play a major role in what I have to say. Like statistics,
emotions are a part of the game of baseball. It is impossible
to strip away the thrill we experience when our team wins a
close game. Or, the anger we feel toward a manager when a
pitcher has been left in a game for one batter too many. We
revel in the feel-good stories of baseball, like when our
team comes from a seven run deficit to win a game in extra
innings. Also, we need to vent our frustration when a player
botches a play that turns the tide in an important game.
Baseball is a game of statistics and predictions. It is a
game of joy and pain. In baseball, you will find inspiration,
and sometimes sadness, too. What I will give you in these
posts will be all of the above. You will get updated
information about the Detroit Tigers, and stories about the
team, and players, too. I am not going to be excessively
analytical, nor only mildly informative. I am going to reach
for something in between, and in between your reading of
other blogs and newspaper articles, I hope you find something
here that you will like.