On The Verge!

I don’t think anyone could have foreseen that there would be four teams on the verge of advancing to ALCS/NLCS this early on!

Here’s what things look like so far!

  • TBR leads CHW  2 – 0
  • BOS leads LAA   2 – 0
  • PHI leads MIL    2 – 0
  • LAD leads CHC   2 – 0

It’s very possible that each team could sweep their opponent!


Skipstradamus predicted that the Angels would sweep the Red Sox this year (in a playoff payback!) — but never imagined every match-up being where it is right now!

The Angels looked like they might be able to do it when they tied the game last night, only to have the effort erased by a JD Drew home run in the ninth off of closer Frankie Rodgriguez. 

What happened?

This was the team with the best record in baseball! The series now heads to Boston, and I think it’s unlikely that the Angels will win in Fenway!

Looking out of place this year, the White Sox with a total of 12 men left on base lost 6 – 2 — despite racking up 12 hits! They had a difficult time taking advantage of scoring opportunities amid a shaky start by Rays starter Kazmir.  

And, really looking out of sorts are the Cubbies! After the game 2 debacle, you can call them the Keystone Cops of the Northside!

And, that’ll bring us to tonight’s match-ups! It’s all National League!

Phillies and Brewers play in Miller Park beginning at 6:30 with Dave Bush for the Brew-Crew and Jamie Moyer for the Phil’s!

In Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers are sending Hiroki Kuroda out to face Rich Harden. Skipstradamus predicted a
Los Angeles win in 5 — but it looks, more and more, like tonight will be the night for Joe Torre, Manny and the rest of the Blue Crew!

I wonder what Hank Steinbrenner is thinking on this day, as he watches from the sidelines! 



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