Getting Closer To A Resolution

The Phillies dealt the death blow to Milwaukee yesterday afternoon. Milwaukee was sent packing after a 6 – 2 loss. It was a game that saw Pat Burrell homer twice along with efforts by Jayson Werth and Jimmie Rollins.

Prince Fielder finally got a hit… a homer. But… too little – too late!

The Phillies will now face the Dodgers at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday. As you know, the Dodgers are my adopted team. So…


The Angels finally won in 12 innings! Woo Hoo! I stayed up last night as long as I could… through 11 innings of the ball game. As much as I wanted to see it through to the end, my eyes had other plans. Mike Napoli’s two shots were a definitely a highlight. The first one over the green monster in left! The second homer – a solo shot. The pitching match-up between Jon Papelbon and K-Rod really took things to another level!

Playoff baseball! I don’t think that I have any nails left on my fingers!

And, the White Sox have made it to Game 4 after completing a 5 – 3 win over Tampa Bay!


I’m still hoping for a freeway series… LAD VS LAA!  It can still happen if the Angels can take two more from the Red Sox.

But, first we’ll see what happens to the White Sox at 5:07 ET. It’s Sonnanstine against Floyd.

Then, at 8:37 ET John Lackey squares off against Jon Lester. This is one of the most exciting matchups yet!! Remember, Lackey nearly no hit the Red Sox back in July. Yes, I remember well. I had David Ortiz in my MLB Fantasy Beat The Streak that night! I wanted to see a no hitter and yet, I would welcome the chance to see Ortiz get a hit. Strange, I know! As it turned out, the no no was broken up in the ninth and Ortiz DID get another at bat — he flied out to left! Yes, I was a little disappointed.

And, of course Jon Lester fired a no hitter against KC back in May.

     LESTER MOBBED AFTER NO HITTER.jpg                                amd_lackey.jpg

Is there anyone who ISN’T excited about this match up?


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