What Am I Gonna Do?

I’ll tell ya, a day without baseball is like a day without.. well… like a day without baseball! I’m literally going through withdrawals.


My MLB Extra Innings channels, the ones I find all kinds of cozy comfort from when I turn to them, are now hyping hockey on the the ninth — I’m a Red Wings fan… so, it’s OK…


Last night I watched a little bit of the presidential debate – same ol’ stuff I’ve heard a thousand times – BORING! That wasn’t doing it for me. Then, I picked up a book. Yes!  A baseball connection… A Stephen King book.  I know it’s a stretch but, ya know… Red Sox – Stephen King – Baseball.

Anyways, I had begun reading his book entitled Duma Key a few weeks ago. I don’t want to play the role of spoiler, so I won’t tell you much about the book. I couldn’t tell you much anyhow. I’ve only read a couple of chapters. But, the reviews have been really favorable. A friend who has read it said it’s King at his best!  And, I’ll say, I’m hooked!

Briefly, it’s about a guy who has everything going for him and in the blink of an eye, after a horrific accident, his life is tragically changed.

I once read a pretty good definition of his stuff… it’s usually extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people!

How true!

I found a long time ago that Stephen King movies are enjoyable — but to really get something out of his work, you have to read the book!  I’ll get a few more pages in tonight. It’ll take my mind off the lack of a play at the plate or a ground out to short.

Once the ALCS/NLCS starts, it’ll be a few weeks before I can pick it again!

I really should be more prepared for the off season though. I’ll work on it!




The fate of Tiger Stadium is again up in the air. The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy group has been given an extension by the Detroit City Council. They now have until Friday to come up with $219,000!  If they don’t –  then the remaining portion of the stadium will come down.

The Conservancy has had some issues getting the money it needs. Until recently, the voice of the Tigers, Ernie Harwell, was originally a member of this group. Health concerns for his wife, LuLu, have forced him to resign. Monies that were raised – totaling around $500,000 – had to returned to donors. The group now estimates that it has about 150,000 dollars… far short of the amount it needs to hold off the demolition.

The group wants to create a museum out of the infeld portion that’s left, a restaurant and an exhibition area.


I’m reminded of the old Ronald Reagan movie, King’s Row. In the movie, Reagan falls under the wheels of a train. His legs are maliciously amputated by a surgeon with a grudge! When he wakes up, he realizes that his legs are gone. He sharply cries out, “Where’s the rest of me?”  If the ghosts that inhabit Tiger Stadium could speak to us, they might say the same thing.

It’s sad to see only a small portion of it remaining. At this point, I think the rest should come down. The essence of what it was, has already been destroyed by the bulldozers. We’ve said our good-byes and now it’s time to let the rest of it go. The memories are still within each of us who went to games there. No one can take that away. The field IS hallowed ground, and hopefully time will be kind to Michigan and Trumbull.

Someone remarked recently about ball players and the habit they have of spitting. This person asked us to imagine the great amount of champion DNA that must be imbedded in that ground! Honestly, think about that! One hundred years of iconic players! One hundred years of spit! That has to account for something.

I’d hate like hell to see it become a weed infested eyesore, like so many other parts of the city. A field or park where the kids can play ball would be nice. Let them learn the game of baseball on the same field on which Ty Cobb stood. Let them hit balls in the same field that Hank Greenberg did. I’d just want the area to be honored and treated well.  

We have held on as long as we could and now, it’s OK to say so long to our dear friend at the Corner. Thanks for the memories! 


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