Hoo – RAYS!

I was disappointed in myself yesterday. Here were the Tampa Bay Rays, with a great baseball story and the Boston Red Sox, who have become this generation’s version of the New York Yankees. Then, there I was yesterday, commenting that “I’m not really rooting for anyone.”

Look, I’m a baseball guy. I love this game. I really respect the stories of the players and teams. I enjoy hearing them, telling them, AND pulling for the guys whose careers tell the stories. In addition to the game itself, those stories are what baseball and life itself are all about.

Then, why wasn’t I able to “root” for anyone last night?

I wish I had an answer. I really do!

Is it because I’d seen the Red Sox play in the post season? Is it because Tampa Bay has no real name players on their team? I don’t know.

So, here I was watching the game and along about the 5Th inning, it hit me! No, it wasn’t an answer to my internal struggles, but the pulling spirit within that reached out and touched me!

I began cheering on the Rays. Matt Garza was pitching a brilliant ballgame and I was hooked on every hurl to the plate. I moaned when a batter reached base. I was feeling good and pumping my fist with every out.

“Six outs to go, and the Rays will go to the World Series!” The guys on TBS were counting it down! I was, too!

Yes, finally I was in!

You guys got me. In the final four innings last night, you made me into a true believer.

Great game! Congratulations to the new AL Champs! They really do deserve the title and they deserve my respect. It may have come around late, but they now have it! They’ve earned it.

Thank – you!



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