Ryan Perry Picks Up A Win!

Finally, the Tigers were televised this afternoon, and I had a chance to see Ryan Perry pitch. I thought he looked good, solid. He was throwing hard – 99mph with one pitch. Now that it looks as though Joel Zumaya may be out for the start of the season, it is possible that Ryan Perry can/will fill the reliever/setup role.

Zach Miner started today’s game and was hit pretty hard.

In 3 innings, Miner gave up 5 hits, 4 earned runs, 3 walks and struck out 4. His springtime ERA is a robust 9.69!

Pitching as he has, Miner is going to have a hard time convincing anyone to give him a starting role in this rotation. I’m just hoping he can work through this, and get a spot as a reliever. But right now, Miner is a frustrated man.

“Oh yeah, I’m clearly frustrated,” Miner said. “I’ve been working hard. I got here two weeks early to Spring Training to start working. It’s just the last few outings, things haven’t been going my way. That’s frustrating, because you’re putting the work in and you feel good physically. Whether it’s the delivery out of sync or you just don’t make the pitches when you need to or balls fall in, it gets frustrating. You can handle it once or twice if you don’t get the results that you want, but after a few of them, it’s kind of like, ‘All right. Uncle.'”

Tomorrow, Justin Verlander will get his fifth start of the spring sessions against the Astro’s.

By the way, it was reported today that Houston will get Pudge, pending a clean bill of health, when the WBC is over.

He’s been showing his worth throughout the WBC. It’s about time some one picked him up!

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