A Closer Look at Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry has received the attention of many Detroit fans this spring, and with the possibility of seeing him in the big leagues this season, I wanted to learn more – a lot more – about this pitching phenom.

I found this video on You Tube of Perry pitching in the Cape Cod Baseball League from Cape Prospects.

He has a smooth delivery, as you can see, and he can throw hard. The sub-title on the video reads: 

“FB 93 – 94 (up to 96)”

On Monday, while pitching for the Tiger’s, one pitch topped off at 99 mph. Not bad. Personally, if my name were Joel Zumaya, I would be a little nervous about that!

If you take a look at the MiLB 2008 Scouting Draft Report, you’ll see that there are some control issues, such as elevating the ball in the strike zone. This report is from March of 2008, and that is something that can be worked on, and possibly already has. But, everything on the report is favorable.

Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski, undoubtedly are keeping a close eye on him. As the spring games march on, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Perry.

Quite frankly, I like what I see!



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