Nate Robertson

I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by today through the link at the MLBlogs homepage. I’m honored to have been made the featured blog. Thank-you!!

I am a Detroit Tiger fan – tried, true and unashamed to say so. I enjoy watching them play and I love to talk about them. Any of my friends will tell you it is hard to keep me quiet when it comes to Tigers baseball. It’s hard to keep me quiet about baseball – period! I love this game.

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Opening day is a few days away, and yesterday I talked about some of the roster moves that were made. One move that the Tigers announced, they would not include Nate Robertson in the starting rotation when the season opens. He will be in the bullpen. In today’s edition of the Detroit News, Robertson expressed his unhappiness with the decision. Nate sees himself as a starter, and remarked,

“There’s definitely a difference of opinion,” he said of his view that he should be starting, “cause I don’t have the job. It’s a possibility I might be going somewhere,” Robertson added. “I might not be here, and I’m at peace with that.”

There is no doubt about it. He should be a starter. But, not right now. Robertson must work through his problems on the mound. Coming out the bullpen may be the remedy to any confidence deficiencies he might be experiencing.

Also, I am surprised that he is feeling the way he is. He had every opportunity to earn a spot in the starting rotation, just like all of the others.

He failed.

Look at his numbers over the last three seasons.

2006 ERA 3.84/ER 89
2007 ERA 4.76/ER 94
2008 ERA 6.35/ER 119

This spring, things were looking as though they weren’t going to get better in 2009.

In December 2006 I ran into Nate Robertson, shopping for Christmas gifts at a local sporting shop. I approached him, and we briefly talked about the previous season, and our hopes that 2007 would be a better one. He was gracious and kind. I won’t forget that meeting.

Truly, I don’t want to see his numbers getting worse, year after year. I don’t want him to be a disgruntled ball player, either.

I hope he continues to work this through, in a private way. I want to see the “gum-time” Nate Robertson hurler that we saw in 2006.

I still think that it is in him. Will he, and the Tigers take the time that is needed for him to become viable again? This time, I’m putting on my rally cap, and chewing gum, for Nate Robertson!

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2 Responses to Nate Robertson

  1. crzblue2 says:

    Congratulations on being the feautured blog! I have enjoyed what I read so far from your blog. About dontrelle Wills, I had such high hopes for him to be a great pitcher. Zumaya I had drafted him in my fantasy baseball in the past. Sad that both are in the DL. Also I just LOVE LOVE listening to Vin Scully! It is my reason to carry a radio to the stadium.
    Take care

  2. Skip says:

    Thank you very much!! Emma, I’m so happy to have MLB Gameday with Audio, and the Extra Innings package, because I can follow the Dodgers, and hear Vin Scully when he is calling a game. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes to a ballgame with a radio… keeping score and listening to a game really adds to the experience!

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