Blue Jays Win Their Home Opener


Ugly. In many respects, the first game of the season was just that – ugly. The Blue Jays beat (and beat badly) the Tigers 12-5. Once again, the story of the night turned out to be pitching, or the lack of it.

Out to prove that last year was a fluke, Justin Verlander ran into many of the same problems he thought he had overcome. His pitching line at the end of the game showed a horrific 19.64 ERA, after allowing eight earned runs in less than four innings.

“I’m always going to try to take away positives. I know tonight I had good stuff and made pitches I wanted, for the most part, said Verlander. “Some things got compounded and ended up not looking very good.”

The Blue Jays got to him early. His troubles began with two outs in the first. Is it back to the drawing board for Justin Verlander?

I made the pitch exactly where I wanted,” Verlander said. “He got just enough on it and hit a little blooper over the first baseman’s head. There’s really nothing I can do about that.”

Before screaming for an EMT, let’s wait and see how his next start turns out.

There were other contributors to last night’s loss, the bullpen gave up their share of runs, too. Eddie Bonine gave up a run on five hits. Former Twins pitcher, Juan Rincon helped the Jays tally two more, and ironically, Nate Robertson was the better pitcher.

In the eighth inning, Toronto fans began to get unruly, throwing debris onto the field, resulting in a nine minute delay. Jim Leyland pulled all of his players from the field, after two baseballs appeared to have been thrown at Josh Anderson.

Actions like this, from fans, are completely uncalled for.

Unfortunately, it took the public address announcer the entire nine minutes before calling for fans to stop.

Despite the loss, there were two bright spots during the game. In the fourth, the first hit of 2009, a home run, came off of the bat of Curtis Granderson. Also, in the seventh, Brandon Inge launched a two run shot.

If you look hard enough, in all things ugly, you will find some beauty. The beauty of baseball is – you are only as bad as your last game. It was only one game, one loss, and there 161 games to be played.

Tonight is another night!

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