Bopping Around The Majors

Off of the Minnesotan’s bats, one ball sailed into the right field corner, Ordonez couldn’t make it in time to get to it. Another one passed over Granderson, in center. Still, another dropped in front of Carlos Guillen, and one grazed the glove of Adam Everette, and scooted passed him.

For the Detroiter’s, a Cabrera home run out to left center measured about 414 feet, and there was silence from the stick of Brandon Inge – who failed to reach for the first time this season.

During the game, Minnesota first base coach Jerry White was assisted from the field after being hit in the foot with a line drive.

That is the way it went last night for Detroit, and the Tigers would lose this game to the Minnesota Twins 7-2.

Such is the way things sometimes go.

After the game, I decided to “bop’ around the majors. Through MLB Gameday Mobile on my BlackBerry, and MLB Extra Innings on television, I surfed a number of games, not really focusing on any one in particular.

Here is the way it went, around the majors, last night…

The Cubs and San Francisco played at Wrigley. I saw former Tiger Edgar Renteria score a run in the top of the sixth. The Cubbies went on to win though, despite Renteria’s efforts.

The Yankees and Boston were in a rain delay. It was the first game for the Red Sox at the New Yankee Stadium, and there were fireworks once the game began. It was a game that saw Manager Joe Girardi get tossed for arguing a called third strike on Derek Jeter in the fifth. Was there a possibility that Boston was stealing signs?

I guess Joe thought so.

Boston went on to win 6-4.

Seattle and Texas faced one another at Safeco Field. Kevin Millwood pitched four perfect innings before Russell Branyon launched one out to right, helping the Mariners to score four runs in the bottom of the fifth.

King Felix Hernandez had his streak of 22 scoreless innings snapped.

“Hernandez had great stuff, off-the-chart stuff,” Rangers third baseman Michael Young said. “It’s a huge challenge, you have to crank up your focus level, but fortunately, we were able to get some timely hits off Felix. He’s tough.”

Philadelphia played St. Louis, and had a scary moment when Rick Ankiel hit the wall chasing down a ball. Ankiel fell to the ground, and lay motionless while everyone ran out to him. He was carried away on a stretcher, but gave a thumbs up sign to concerned fans.

“He went down and I thought maybe he might be unconscious,” Duncan said. “So I tried to talk to him. I said, ‘Are you all right?’ and he said, ‘I think so. I’m just going to lay here.’ He said he had hit the wall hard and he [thought] he was all right, but he [was] not going to move. He said his back hurt a little bit, but he could feel everything and he didn’t want to move. I told him to hold on and that they were coming out.”

X-Rays and other tests came back negative, and Ankiel is listed as day to day.

Finally, I watched the Dodgers game, at least most of it before falling asleep.

Torre’s team won their eleventh straight home victory to start the season, setting a National League record. It was a game that saw back to back home runs from Manny and Andre Ethier.  During last night’s broadcast, Vin Scully referred to Dodger Stadium as “The Magic Castle.” The Dodgers record is 19-8.

It was quite a night.

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1 Response to Bopping Around The Majors

  1. juliasrants says:

    If Boston was stealing signs then the Yankees weren’t doing a very good job of hiding them!


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