Nearly Perfect

It was July 19, 2006. I remember it well. Detroit played the White Sox, and we were in the heat of the race. The Tigers were in first place, and the White Sox were keeping the pressure on.

On the walk to the ballpark that night, my friend asked me what would I rather see – a Tigers win over the White Sox, or a Chicago no-hitter.

Interesting question, I thought.

My answer – I would rather see a Tigers victory. If history is going to be made, let it be made by the Tigers.

That night, I bought a Detroit polo shirt in the Tigers retail shop. It was black, with an orange Olde English D stitched upon it. I still talk about that game each time I wear it, and I put it on when I think the Tigers need a little luck getting back on track, after they have fallen off.

I’m superstitious. All of us are to some degree.

During that game, Craig Monroe hit a grand slam off of Javier Vazquez in the sixth inning. In all of my years of going to baseball games, it was my first. It was special, and the Tigers won. It was a wonderful season.

I recalled this conversation last night as I watched Mark Buehrle tossing a perfect game. Frankly, I salivate during no-hitters. I enjoy watching history being made at a ballpark. But, I didn’t want to see it happening against my team, at their expense. Is that wrong of me? Maybe. I don’t care.

Buehrle pitched terrifically for six innings. He was perfect. He deserves praise for that. It was phenomenal.

As it turned out Placido Polanco came to my rescue in the seventh, with a base hit to left. Whew! Detroit unfortunately lost.

By the way, and this is the absolute truth… I wore that polo shirt all day.

Ironic, isn’t it?

This weekend the Tigers are in Cleveland. Tonight, Justin Verlander will face Cliff Lee. Saturday will be Edwin Jackson, and Rick Porcello on Sunday.

Let’s go and get ’em!

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1 Response to Nearly Perfect

  1. juliasrants says:

    We always want to see our team win! Why wouldn’t we??


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