Tigers Out West In Oakland

Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything for Skip On
Second. Of course – just as the baseball season was getting underway –
my home computer crashed. I was reluctant to purchase a new computer,
solely because I would have to purchase one with Windows Vista (which I
have done anyhow). Through many channels, I had heard horror stories
about the Vista operating system. My original intention was to wait
until the roll-out of Windows 7 on October 22. I decided to buy now –
only after hearing that Microsoft will give Vista users free updates to
the new OS as soon as it becomes available.

So there, a short story long! But, nonetheless the reason for my blogging absence.

I didn’t quite disappear though. While there was
a lack of blogging during the last few weeks, micro-blogging – on
Twitter – took on increased importance. Mobile, with a BlackBerry, I
was able to express my thoughts about baseball – in realtime. Not only
did the “tweets” reach you, but you responded, and we were able to
carry on a conversation during many ballgames.

I like the immediacy of Twitter, and I would like to invite you to follow me at https://twitter.com/skipsamo.


into the weekend series with the Houston Astros, the Detroit Tigers had
a seven game win streak. By the end of the weekend, the Astros had
taken two out of three games. Houston was well on the way to winning
Sunday’s game, but with a two out, two strike count in the ninth
inning, the Tigers managed some clutch heroics from Marcus Thames, and
a two run homer off of the bat of Brandon Inge.

noticed he walked Marcus with a split-finger (fastball), and threw me a
first-pitch split-finger,” Inge said. “I thought, I don’t think he
wants to fall behind both guys.’ I just tried to stay on the fastball
and be aggressive with it.

Fernando Rodney was able to get his 17th save in the Tigers 4-3 victory.

the Tigers begin a three game set against the Oakland Athletics. Rick
Porcello is on the hill for Detroit, while Brett Anderson will throw
for the Athletics.

The Tigers will wrap up the week of baseball in Minnesota.

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2 Responses to Tigers Out West In Oakland

  1. juliasrants says:

    Welcome back! My youngest son is the only on that has Vista on his laptop – all our others are older – and so far, no problems with it. Good luck!


  2. Skip says:

    Thank-you very much, Julia. It’s good to be back. So far, I haven’t experienced any of the problems with Vista that everyone had warned me about. And, so that I don’t – I have my fingers crossed!

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