All-Star Detroit Tigers

I want to congratulate the All-Star selections that were announced today, especially the three players from the Detroit Tigers.

Curtis Granderson, Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson.

One more player can still be selected with your vote. Obviously, you
are free to choose whomever you would like, but I would urge you to
vote for Detroit Tiger’s 3rd baseman, Brandon Inge. He certainly
deserves it. He is having a career year, and defensively he has shown
tremendous agility and skill. Inge is hitting .267 with 18 home runs
and 52 RBI’s. At third base, he has 59 putouts, and 154 assists in 79
games. He has committed eight errors.

Make your vote today!

Talk Detroit Tiger baseball with me!

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1 Response to All-Star Detroit Tigers

  1. juliasrants says:

    Congrats to the Tiger’s All-Stars!


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