A Stormy Night At Fenway

As I write this, the Detroit Tigers/ Boston Red Sox game has been
delayed by rain in the Top of the 7th Inning. Boston has the lead 6-3.

early innings of this one were marked with a little excitement. Junichi
Tazawa took the mound for Boston. The Tigers were able to score three
runs in the first. But, it was when facing the fourth batter of the
inning, Tazawa began a chain of events that would have heavy
consequences for Detroit. He hit Miguel Cabrera in the hand with a
pitch. In the next inning, Cabrera had difficulty, and during his
second at bat, was pulled from the game. In the Boston half of the
second, Rick Porcello drilled Kevin Youkilis with an 89 mph fastball.
Youkilis immediately charged the mound, threw his helmet at Porcello,
and lunged at him. Both men rolled to the ground, while both benches
cleared. Porcello and Youkilis were ejected. Chris Lambert came in to
pitch for Detroit, while Mike Lowell was brought in as an offensive
substitute to pinch run for Youkilis. Also, Terry Francona was tossed
for arguing a play at second base.

It proved to be a pivotal
inning as Lambert showed his youth and inexperience on the mound. After
giving up a single to Big Papi, left-fielder Jason Bay, homered to tie
the game. Subsequently, Mike Lowell homered in the third AND fifth innings. Boston went up 6-3.

the storm raged on the playing field, rain clouds were forming in the
skies above. Eventually, the rains fell, and the tarp had to be drawn
over the field.

The Twitterverse was a buzz with people
tweeting the Tigers/Red Sox game. Quickly, the brawl became a Twitter
Trending Topic, and before long video of the scrum found its way onto
You Tube.

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1 Response to A Stormy Night At Fenway

  1. juliasrants says:

    What a wild night it was a Fenway! I read an article this morning (I think it was on ESPN) and the author, I think, had it right. The people who were really responsible for the game getting out of control were the umps! Given the number of people hit in the game on Monday, the benches should have been warned before the start of last nights game. I suspect they won’t make the same mistake tonight! I hope the rain holds off tonight; the skies aren’t looking so good right now.


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