A Tiger’s Game Through The Eyes Of Twitter

I presume that many baseball fans who come to my MLBlog are not on
Twitter. That’s OK. If you are, you probably follow the Detroit Tigers
through YOUR tweets and through the tweets of those you follow.
Actually, it’s fun.

Today’s blog comes to you through the tweets
of Tiger’s fans, coast to coast, who were watching today’s game against
Oakland while in the Twitter-verse.

I have added appropriate
punctuation in some spots, not all, and I have left misspellings
exactly as they appeared in my timeline. I have also removed the names
associated with each tweet. Finally, the following tweets do not
necessarily reflect my views, and/or opinions. Enjoy!

Come on tigers!

Let’s go #tigers!

Hello from Oakland. It’s 61 and sunny as Granderson takes strike one on first pitch of game from RH Brett Tomko.

Curtis Granderslam! Woot! #tigers

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

a Carlos Guilen foul ball, they cut to a shot of some guy coming out of
his chair and pulling up his pants. I have no idea why.

reinforces the notion you should push your kids to baseball. He’s
horrid, but still going. Trivia – How many teams has he played for?

Cust-Away: Jack Cust goes deep to left with a three-run shot in the third. It’s 4-1 A’s over Tigers.

White Sox lose again, drop 2 of 3 at home to Orioles. Unfortunately 4 runs looks like a hill too tall to climb for Tigers

Well at least the white sox’s lost.

I think detroit has single-handedly lowered the era of all American league pitchers.

To say #aubreyHuff is due, would be an understatement come on #tigers.

of course, he’s two-hitting the Tigers right now. Now there’s a trivia
question. Who’s the worst pitcher the Tigers have made look good?

Well…. Tigers need 5 runs OR MORE to win this game…. they haven’t scored more than 5 runs since…. ummmm…

That sucks! Strikeout and runner on first base gets picked off napping to end the inning for the detroit tigers.

The #tigers bats make me cry.

He would win the cy young if he pitched against the tigers every game. Brett Tomko looking like an ace. WTF

What will happen first – Lions win a road game or Tigers win a road series?

I’m glad I didn’t make the trip up north to watch this game in person.
Now I can just turn off the TV and applaud my decision.

Carlos Guillen is a BUM!

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

It seems the Tigers can’t win a road series to save their lives. More run support is needed in Detroit.

Happiness = now ruined. detroit tigers are getting whomped. brb, attempting to stifle my sobs.

Detroit Tigers bringing me down with a classic snooze job on getaway day in Oakland.

Home run from Miggy! 5-4 Oakland in the bottom of the 8th. Perry pitching…2nd & 3rd for the A’s.

(AP Photo/ Tony Avelar)

These Detroit Tigers are gonna make me pull my hair out. Come on now. Ugh.

WTF come on #Detroit #Tigers

#Tiger comeback, negated by #Athletics 8-4 sigh!

Add Another: Cliff Pennington homers to right. 9-4, A’s over Tigers.

Tigers lose 10th consecutive road series in Oakland.

Can you believe that the Detroit Tigers lost again..Bummer,,Tigers best get with it and soon!

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2 Responses to A Tiger’s Game Through The Eyes Of Twitter

  1. alkaline27 says:

    Interesting blog

    I think you owe me 1/27th of your pay (librarymonkey27)

    good way to capture glee and frustration.

    take care

    lm 27

  2. juliasrants says:

    Isn’t great to be on Twitter during a game? We Red Sox fans can be pretty crazy during our games!


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