Pennant Fever Heats Up In Detroit

I love the month of September. This is the month that the heat of summer days transitions to the coolness of autumn nights, as we welcome the autumnal equinox.

Because of this, the sun hangs a little differently in the sky, creating an easement between summer, and the harshness of a mid-western winter. The leaves begin to change their colors, and there is naturally created beauty among the displayed shadows on the ground. But, that isn’t all.

Excitement is in the air, too. Can you feel it?

For Detroiters, the thrill of a pennant race, and the possibility of getting into another World Series.

The Detroit Tigers are on top of the American League Central. They are 3 and 1/2 games in front of the Twins (who look like they will be our main rival), and six in front of the White Sox.

It looks as though the White Sox have raised the white flag of surrender, of which I have mixed emotions. It is nice that they unloaded Jim Thome (a Tigers killer) to the Dodgers, and Jose Contreras, too, but I really wanted something to get me riled during this heated race. The White Sox were the team I loved to hate, and I feel cheated.

The Twins will be formidable. They are a solid team, and they will cause us grief down the stretch.

The remainder of the Tigers schedule is packed with White Sox and Twins games, and other Central Division rivals.

Being a part of September’s “run for the roses” will be fun, and exciting!

The Detroit Tigers expanded their roster, and some new “old” names are on the list;

Pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, pitcher Eddie Bonine, pitcher Casey Fien, catcher Dusty Ryan, outfielder Wilkin Ramirez, infielder Michael Holliman (placed on the 60-day DL), and the Tigers purchased the contract of shortstop Brent Dlugach.

Carlos Guillen has been heating up lately, and Placido Polanco, too. Both men add a little extra punch to this team.

Although pitching hasn’t been a big problem this season, I’m concerned about Jarrod Washburn’s seeming inability to become the pitcher we thought we were getting. Yesterday’s loss showed us that he needs to turn things around – immediately.

Armando Galarraga will be back with the team on Saturday, everyone is hoping he’ll continue to get better on the mound, and Verlander will need production from the line-up to get the wins for the Tigers.


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1 Response to Pennant Fever Heats Up In Detroit

  1. juliasrants says:

    I love September! You can feel fall in the air here in New England. Football has started and baseball is in the final stretch. Does it get any better then this?


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