The Heat Is On

I don’t know where to begin. The Detroit Tigers should have been able
to clinch a Central Division title this afternoon. Instead, the game
quickly got away, and got out of hand. The Minnesota Twins stalled the
Tigers celebrations by beating them, 8-3.

The Tigers fell behind quickly and were unable to recover.
Starter Nate Robertson, who was tagged with the loss, gave up four runs
and nine hits. Denard Span also walked after being hit by a pitch.
Casey Fien and Bobby Seay were each responsible for two runs that added
to the Twins total. However, the inability to clinch a title that is within their grasp,
will not be the story that you see on your evening news.

The story will
be about two teams playing an ugly game of bean-ball.

Intentionally throwing at a batter is sometimes a part of the game. But, today it was an unnecessary distraction.

Things began to deteriorate in the seventh inning.

After reaching base on an error, Ramon Santiago was doubled off of first.
Santiago, who had taken his primary lead, was called out
for failing to tag back up on Miguel Cabrera’s fly ball out. It was a
terrible call. One that the replays showed was inaccurate.

In the bottom of the eighth, Jim Leyland was ejected. I am not sure
why. I believe it was because he was arguing the earlier call on
Santiago. Then, Adam Everett saw a Jose Mijares pitch sail behind him.
(Marcus Thames, earlier in the game, was buzzed twice.)

In the top of the ninth, Jeremy Bonderman nailed Delmon Young on the
first pitch. Young threw off his helmet, and it appeared that he was
going to charge the mound. Instead, he yelled something into his own
dug out and both benches cleared. Immediately following, Bonderman was
tossed, along with Gerald Laird.

Although there weren’t any punches thrown, it was still a messy loss for Detroit.

When I envisioned players on the field, I did so with an impending
celebration in mind. This was not what any of us had in mind.

Now, as the Tigers head into the final series of the season against Chicago, their magic number remains at 2.

They still need one victory coupled with a Minnesota loss in order to
clinch. There are only three games left. Is this too tall an order for
Detroit to fill?

Tomorrow night’s pitching match-up features Edwin Jackson against Jake
Peavy. Peavy you will recall was really good when we last faced him.
Hopefully he won’t be as sharp this time around.

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2 Responses to The Heat Is On

  1. juliasrants says:

    This end of the season has been a wacky one! Good luck to your Tigers. I hope they can get it done.


  2. thatbaseballguy says:

    Your tite says it perfectly. I am personally rooting for the Tigers just because Curtis Granderson is my favorite player and I’d like to see him get into the playoffs. Unfortunately, when they do, they are going to get destroyed by the Yankees in the first round.

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