Tigers And Twins Play A Tiebreaker/Heartbreaker

I have seen many stories online, in the paper and heard countless more on
the sports channel. All of them have touched upon a myriad of problems
that caused the Detroit Tigers to suffer their biggest defeat in the
club’s history (and in Major League Baseball). Yes, no team was up by
three games with four games left and then lost the division.

But, selfishly, I don’t care about that.

I don’t care that Brandon Inge was robbed of a base by a bad call from
an umpire. I don’t care that Magglio couldn’t get a runner to score
when it was his turn to bat. I also don’t care that Zach Miner probably
never should have been brought in to relieve Rick Porcello. I don’t
care that Fernando Rodney should have been relieved long before the
twelfth inning.

No, I don’t care about the particulars – anymore. I did last night.
Last night I applauded the spectacular plays, and I fretted over the
bad plays. Today, I only care about how I feel in the wake of that

During baseball season, the Tigers become an integral part of my days and
nights. I watched all 162 (+1) games that the 2009 Detroit Tigers played.
I blogged. I tweeted. I updated my thoughts on Facebook. I internalized
their victories and losses alike – until last night’s loss. It was unlike any other. That loss was much worse.

The Detroit Tigers were, in many ways, fortunate to be in first place. But, in spite
of the issues that plagued them, I truly thought that they would find
something (anything) within their collective baseball soul that would
propel them to win the division.

They didn’t.

This team let me down. Period.

But, as we all know, there is no crying in baseball, and now is the time to look ahead to 2010. That team will be different. In which ways, I don’t know. They WILL
be different though. They have to be. There will be some aspects that
we will recognize, some that we won’t. The changes may make them better
– or not.

One thing is for certain. In 2010, this baseball fan will
watch 162 Detroit Tigers games (and a 163rd if that happens). Also,
this baseball fan will tweet, blog and post his thoughts on Facebook.
This fan will internalize every win and every loss. THIS is certain.

Just like the baseball fans of the Mudville nine, who got to watch
another Casey come to bat, and hit a home run to win the game, I will be back. Joy, too, eventually came back to Mudville.

At least, I like to think it did.

It will come back here, also.

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2 Responses to Tigers And Twins Play A Tiebreaker/Heartbreaker

  1. juliasrants says:

    It was a very tough end of the season for the Tigers’ fans. Nothing else to say.


  2. peaceluvnbaseball says:

    Great post 🙂 I know exactly how you feel. I’m looking to 2010 as well.


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