Max Scherzer Talks About The Trade

afternoon, Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Max Scherzer was interviewed by Matt
Shepard on Detroit Sports Talk WDFN. Scherzer, 25, talked about his
self-expectations as a Tiger pitcher, his thoughts on his fellow
teammate Daniel Schlereth, and answered questions about heterochromia – the color of his eyes.

Shepard: Even though you weren’t part of the Curtis Granderson deal
that sent him to New York, I think you will be forever linked to that.
How tough is it to deal with knowing you have been part of a deal (that
sent away) one of the guys who Detroiters absolutely embraced, loved
and adored.

Scherzer: Yeah, you can’t really get caught up too much in who you try
to replace…  you really just got to go out there and pitch, even
though this is the first time I’ve ever been traded, that’s really the
mentality I’m going to take. When I pitch in Detroit, then I’m going to
try to pitch as well as I can, and try to help Detroit win.

Matt Shepard: Who do you fancy your game after?

Scherzer: You can only look at somebody who has had a lot of success,
and kind of take one little bit of what they do well, whether it’s
someone who is just a sinker-ball ball pitcher and try to see how they
sink the ball – obviously I had a personal look at it with Brandon Webb
in Arizona. Or, you know…  a power pitcher like Verlander… 
obviously there’s pitchers throughout the whole league that you can
always look at and try to take just one little bit and see what they do
well to try to further your game.

Shepard: In case people don’t know, Max has…  his right eye is blue
and his left eye is brown. What is it that people say to you when they
first notice that?

Scherzer: Man, you get every reaction there is. You get people who
think it’s really cool. You get the people …  it kind of grows on
them and then they don’t notice it, you get the people who think it’s
weird. I get compared to every husky, I’m the Terminator. I get a lot
of comments from a lot of different people. I enjoy it, I have fun with
it. Some people say I pitch out of one eye or what not.

Shepard: You could really mess with people who might have had…  maybe
imbibed in one too many…  that would really mess then up, wouldn’t it?

Max Scherzer: (laughs) Yeah, there are so many different ways to have fun with it.

If you would like to hear the entire interview CLICK HERE.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer

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