Heroes in a Time of Trouble

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

I had
started to work on an story about sports heroes. I planned to publish
it tonight. High-profile players in nearly every professional sport
have disappointed their families, friends, and of course, their fans.
Brawling, drinking, drug use, dog-fighting — you name it — seems to be the norm for many sports figures.

Well, that side of the story will have to wait.

Today a true sports hero emerged —  from the wreckage of steroids, brawls and guns in locker rooms.

That is the story I will write about tonight.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti
this week brought wide-spread devastation, horror, grief, and death to
hundreds of thousands of Haitians. The scope of destruction, especially
in terms of lives lost, may never be known.

(REUTERS – Jorge Silva)

pictures of bodies lining the streets, and videos of people trapped in
pancaked buildings (reaching a free arm out for help), are grim, and

President Obama immediately acted
to pull the resources of the United States together to bring medicine,
food, and water to Haiti.  He flew in rescue workers, and troops, to
search for survivors. We should applaud the president’s swift action.
We all remember Katrina, and the high the cost of hesitation.

Angel Valentin/Getty Images

I am proud of major league baseball, and my association with it (if only as a blogger).

Bud Selig announced this afternoon that baseball would be donating one million dollars to the relief effort in Haiti through UNICEF.

Bud Selig as quoted on mlb.com:

hope this contribution will help aid in the relief efforts and we
encourage our fans to make a donation as well. Our heartfelt
condolences go out to all who have been affected by this unimaginable
natural disaster.”

I was
wondering where our heroes had vanished. Today, I am relieved to say,
they haven’t gone anywhere. While some players, and former players, may
not be heroic – there are still heroes out there.

League Baseball, all thirty clubs, the MLB Network, and MLB.com showed
me that our sports heroes are alive and well, and working to help those
caught in the grip of this catastrophic event.

Reuters/Kena Betancur

If you would like to help out out, UNICEF is a wonderful organization. You can also donate through the Red Cross.

I made my donation –several times — by texting the word HAITI
to 90999. When you do this, ten dollars will be automatically donated
to the Red Cross to help those affected by the earthquake.

of this writing, nearly six million dollars has been raised through
mobile donations. (And, there are some who think that texting is silly.)

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