Signing With the Tigers “A No Brainer”

is no more mystery, no more drama. We can all breathe a collective sigh.
Ready? Ahhh.

knew it was going to happen. We just didn’t know when it was going to
happen. Today, the Detroit Tigers made it official-pitcher Justin
Verlander signed a five-year, 80 million dollar deal.

it down, and it looks like this – in year one, Verlander will receive
6.75 million dollars. In the second year of the contract – 12.75
million, and then 20 million for the following three years. Included in
the package is a $500,000 signing bonus.

bad for a guy who played his first major league ball game a scant five
years ago. (But that only shows the kind of talent he has.)

So the
big question is – are the Tigers serious about being competitive in
2010? Verlander believes they are,

“I want to win. That’s first and foremost. And I feel like
this organization wants to win, and they’re going to put this team in a
position year in and year out. That’s all I can ask for, to be part of a
team that goes out there and has a chance to win our division and play
in the playoffs. That was a major consideration for me.”

said it was “a no-brainer” signing with the Tigers. Once again, a
collective sigh – Ahhh.

look at what he has accomplished.

year Justin Verlander’s record was 19-9, a tie for first among AL
pitchers. He struck out 269 batters, which is more than Cy Young winner
Zach Greinke (242). His 3.45 ERA, earned him sixth place among  his

2006 AL Rookie of the Year was nominated three times for the Cy Young
Award (2006, 2007 and 2009). Additionally, he is a two-time All-Star (
2007 and 2009)

course, there is also that little gem of a game against the Brewers in 2007 at
Comerica Park.

is the right move for Detroit. No doubt about it.

Verlander here – long term – helps Detroit on a number of  levels. This
puts the Tigers on solid ground, and positions them in the right
direction. Verlander is key to their future success on the field, and
with the fans.

2010, he will be “the straw that stirs the drink.”


have proven your worth. You deserve the contract.

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