Pitchers Get the Message


rain fell hard all day in Lakeland, Florida — exactly five inches of

no immediate end in sight, Friday afternoon’s slate of spring games was

moved indoors, and manager Jim Leyland used the opportunity to let his
pitchers know his thoughts about a couple of things.

“I told them how critical the next 10 days would be, what I
expected, and how I went about my judgments, so they’re very aware of
my feelings on what good pitchers do,” said Leyland, who has been
hammering home the point that any pitcher who expects to make his staff
must throw strikes, and get batters out throwing those strikes. “I
think they got the point. I wanted to give them thoughts that I have. I
don’t want to surprise anybody. I wanted them to be prepared for
expectations.” (From The
Detroit News

brought sunshine, and along with it, the promise of baseball.

Detroit Tigers played a split squad game with the New York Yankees and

good news story of the day is that the Tigers beat the Yankees, 6-2,
behind the solid pitching of Dontrelle Willis. En route to picking up
the win, Willis pitched 3 innings, and etched out an impressive line — 4
hits, 1 earned run, and 1 walk. His spring ERA is a slight 1.29. (No,
that is not a misprint.)

At the
beginning of spring training, I expressed the thought that his major
league days might be over if he didn’t show signs of a resurgence.
Everyone wants him to put his problems in the past so that he can be the
player that we saw with the Marlins. Most likely, he will never have a
year like 2005, when he won 22 games and pitched seven complete games.
He does appear to be on the right track to turn things around so that he
can become a vital part of the 2010 Tigers.

Dontrelle’s day was done, Jeremy Bonderman came into the game. he struck
out two batters and gave up only one run.

Robertson and Jose Valverde also pitched. During their stretch on the
mound, each hurler struck out three.


Tigers lost to the Mets in the other scheduled game, 9-1.

Scherzer pitched four innings. He allowed one hit and struck out five.

bad news story of the day was about Ryan Perry (10.38ERA). He was hit
hard during the two-thirds of an inning that he pitched. He gave up
three home runs. Then adding to the misery, after relieving Perry, Zach
Miner gave up another home run.


All of
the pitchers know that Jim Leyland means business. If they want to
travel north with the team in April – they also know they have to
perform — now.

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3 Responses to Pitchers Get the Message

  1. dtigger says:

    Game two was ugly after the 5th inning. Max Scherzer pitched great and on the highlights his breaking ball low to righties and his high fastball to lefties was dominate. If he pitches like that, will we have one of the better 1-2-3 combos in baseball.

  2. Skip says:

    Brady, I watched the game last night on MLB.TV. I thought Scherzer looked great. Obviously, Perry got rocked. It is spring training and I don’t expect that everything will go the way we want. Undoubtedly, by the look of things, this pitching staff will be tough to beat. Go Tigers! Skip

  3. welikeroywelikeroy says:

    If ever Dontrelle can just get his mechanics sorted out, then he could be as deadly as he was early in his career with Florida. Once the mechanics take shape, then you see the velocity going up and he can pin-point that slider. He better be working hard this spring.

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