Breaking Down the Robertson Trade

In December 2006, I approached Nate
Robertson at a local sports store. This wasn’t an autograph signing
session, he was holiday shopping.

During our brief conversation, he was completely courteous, and I
was the one who terminated the conversation, wishing him a happy holiday
and expressing my hopes that the Tigers would take it all in 2007. I
believe if I hadn’t ended it, he would have continued to allow me to
talk ad-nauseam. He could have easily brushed me aside, but he didn’t. I was impressed with him.

Simply put, Robertson is a good guy.

But in baseball, personality and performance are bipolar. If they
weren’t, there would be a lot of teams with nice guys who couldn’t hit
— or pitch.

So, putting personal perspectives aside, let’s look at the numbers,
along with a few facts.

to the bullpen in 2008, Nate Robertson had his share of disappointments
on the mound.  Publicly, he was unhappy with the shift to the bullpen
and has been trying to find his way back into a starters role.

spring Robertson is 2-1. He pitched 19 innings. He gave up 18 hits, 8
earned runs, hit 2 batters and struck out 19. His spring ERA is 3.66.

Willis has contributed nothing to the Tigers since coming here in the
deal that also brought Miguel Cabrera to Detroit. Problems with his
command have plagued him since his arrival here.

spring Dontrelle Willis is 2-0. He has pitched 19 innings and has an ERA
of 3.26. Willis has allowed 16 hits, 7 earned runs and walked 12
batters. Five of the earned runs in his line came this afternoon against
the Orioles. He didn’t figure in today’s win.

In 2008,
Jeremy Bonderman had a blood clot removed. Experiencing pain in his
pitching shoulder, he was placed on the disabled list after only one
start in 2009.

Bonderman has a spring record of 1-1. He has a 6.92 ERA. He pitched in
13 innings. Overall he has given up 20 hits and 10 earned runs.

Reaction to the trade has been mixed. Most are satisfied with Bonderman’s
role as starter. It comes down to Willis and Robertson.

The three pitchers vied for one of two spots remaining in the
rotation. Quite frankly, none of their numbers were strong enough to
place one above the other.

But with time running out, the Tigers coming down to the wire needed
to decide who would fill the positions.

The Tigers certainly want to get their money’s worth out of Dontrelle
Willis. If his spring outings have shown anything at all, they have at
least provided us with a glimpse of the pitcher they thought they were
getting in 2007.

We have a lot of confidence in him (Dontrelle Willis) coming
back. He’s done a lot. He’s pitched well (in spring training). I looked
the other day, and he was third in all of major league baseball in
ERA. He’s throwing the ball well, too. He’s worked hard. We feel
comfortable he’ll do a good job for us, said Dave Dombrowski. (Detroit
Free Press

As for Jeremy Bonderman, pitching pain-free this spring was the
decisive factor. The Tigers believe he can get back to his 2006 form.
But he has to stay healthy.

Nate Robertson was likely headed to the bullpen — again.  That would
have made him an unhappy player. He has made it clear that he wants to
be a starter. The Florida Marlins can give him that.

The question — is this move good for Detroit? Unfortunately, I have
my doubts. As much as I want to see the former NL Rookie of the Year win
20 games in 2010, I wonder can he really come through for the Tigers?

Over the course of spring training he has been his former self, but
this afternoon he showed the all too familiar side that made Detroit
fans cringe.

So, I guess the even bigger question to ask is — which Dontrelle
Willis will we get in the regular season? At this stage of the game,
there is no answer, only speculation — and a good deal of nervousness.

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4 Responses to Breaking Down the Robertson Trade

  1. expos_94 says:

    I’m very excited to see Willis earn a rotation spot. I would consider him my favorite tiger and I hope to see him in considerations for comeback player of the year. If him and Bondo don’t work out we always have backups in Coke, Alfredo Figaro, Galarraga, Miner, ect.

    • Skip says:

      I have been pulling for Dontrelle to “right the ship,” and I hope that this year he can finally do that. Hopefully, Detroit won’t have a need to use back-ups in their place.

  2. dtigger says:

    I hope Willis pitches well or the Tigers will regret trading away Nate Robertson. Everyone wants to see Willis do well. He can still change his career around.

    • Skip says:

      I agree, Brady. If spring training is any measure of his abilities to turn things around – he should be the type of pitcher that the Tigers picked up from the Marlins.

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