Tigers 2, Royals 3 (11 Innings)

Good pitching shuts down good hitting. It always has. Always will.

That is how most of game two between the Tigers and Royals went.
Pitching was dominate through the first 7 innings.

But I have to admit it was beginning to look like “deja vu all over
again.” I was getting 2009 flashbacks. This particular movie rerun
featured Max Scherzer playing the role of Edwin Jackson.

Scherzer was spectacular. He allowed only one hit in 6 innings. His
most difficult time was in the 5th inning. After loading the bases,
Scherzer struck out DeJesus, effectively ending the scoring threat.

Unfortunately, the Tigers were unable to get anything going against
Luke Hochevar. Thus the comparison to Edwin Jackson, who had no run
support in many of his stellar pitching performances.

The Royals carried a 1-0 lead into the ninth.

Facing Joakim Soria, Miguel Cabrera – in a 10 pitch at-bat – homered
to tie the game, 1-1.

It was in extra-innings when things began to come unraveled for

Pitching  in the 11th inning; Jose Valverde gave up a home run to
Alberto Callaspo that allowed the Royals to tie the game, 2-2.

Then, Billy Butler reached on a single. Willie Bloomquist was brought
in as pinch runner.

The next batter, Rick Ankiel doubled Bloomquist over to third, and a
catching error from Scott Sizemore allowed him to score the game winning

Now, I won’t jump on the “verbally beat up on Sizemore because he
isn’t Polanco” bandwagon. But I do think that he made a mental error
throwing to plate. He seemed to forget that this game was on the line,
and a runner was about to score. He should have been able to make it a
close play at the plate, instead it appeared he made a nonchalant throw
to home.

That is inexcusable. Enough said.

This afternoon, the Tigers face the Royals once more to close out
this series.

Dontrelle Willis will make his first start of 2010. Trust me, every
eye will be trained on the mound to see if Willis can continue his
spring training successes into the regular season.

Today’s game will be broadcast on FSD at 2:00pm.

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