Dontrell Willis Impressive in Win



Confidence in the Detroit Tiger’s pitching staff has taken a beating
lately. Not a heavy beating — but a beating nevertheless.

That is what makes today’s win from Dontrelle Willis that much more

I don’t have to rehash the problems he has had the past two seasons.
They are well-known. When it came to his career, this season seemed to
have a do-or-die feel to it.

So far this year, Willis has pitched with confidence, and has had
none of the control problems he had shown in the past.

Today he pitched six innings, giving up four hits. He walked two
batters and struck out six.

With two outs in the first inning, Jim Thome, arguably the most
dangerous hitter Willis faced in today’s Minnesota lineup, was called
out on strikes. Thome looked at home plate umpire Mike Estabrook in
disbelief as Willis confidently strode off of the field and into the

“I think it all comes full circle,” Willis said later. “I
think if I wasn’t the person I am and someone who really truly works
hard and really appreciates everything — and I think people from the
outside see that — I think you wouldn’t get that. I firmly believe it.
I was upset because I walked a guy, but I’m really thankful.”

Good job, Dontrelle!


As a 23-year-old player with the Chicago White Sox, Magglio Ordonez
got his first big league hit.

Today, he hit number 2000.

Ordonez is the sixth Venezuelan to carry out the feat. He joins Omar
Vizquel, Luis Aparicio, Andres Galarraga, Dave Concepcion, and Bobby

“It’s huge, because there are only 260 players who have done
it in more than 100 years of baseball,” Ordonez said. “I’m happy for
me, my family, my country and my team. This means a lot to me after
everything I went through last year.”

This weekend the Detroit Tigers will face the Los Angeles Angels at
Comerica Park. Look for Rick Porcello, Jeremy Bonderman, and Justin
Verlander to pitch for Detroit.

(Photo Credit: AP)

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2 Responses to Dontrell Willis Impressive in Win

  1. raysrenegade says:

    Willis has been tempered with frustration for so long and deemed unfit for duty that we all forget what majestic rythym and poise he can push out when he is on his game.
    From the time he came down to rebuild himself with the Lakeland (Class-A) Flying Tigers, to back in Motown with the big boys, he has endured and sweat for his baseball life.
    It was gratifying to me to see he put a game together which reminds you why the Tigers wanted him from the Marlins.
    A confident and rejuvenated Willis could be a key component later in the year…just saying.

    Rays Renegade

  2. expos_94 says:

    Dontrelle pitched great! I’m so happy for him! Lets hope he can keep it up.

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