Tiger’s Season Nearly Done!

0626081449.jpgWell, it’s pretty much over for the Tiger’s. No surprise to most I’m sure. But, what happened? How did they get to this point? Who do we blame? The players? Coaches? Manager? Do we blame ourselves for having such high expectations at the beginning of the season? It’s obvious that something must be done, and no doubt it will be done. They lost again this afternoon to the Oakland A’s… I really kind of expected that they would be no hit. Miggy punched one to center in the sixth to break up a no-hit bid between two pitchers… Too many walks claimed Gallagher. He walked Joyce, Thames, and Ryan Raburn before Brandon Inge flied out to end the fourth. He was replaced with Jerry Blevins who got the Bengal’s out 1-2-3 in the fifth. They’ve been shut-out a number of times this year already and with all these hitters in the line-up, could they be no-hit this season? Is that the next disappointment around the corner? That would just be salt in the wound.

Doncha think?

Congratulations to Gary Sheffield for hitting MLB’s 250,000th home run! It was a grand slam too! That’s showing how ’em how it’s done! I like Shef, always have! I remember watching him play at Tiger Stadium when he was with the Brewers. I just wish he would have come around a little earlier in the year. It seemed as though he really kicked it in only after he was placed on waivers by the Tigers. Tigers played the Blue Jays. He hit a home run that night too! In fact two. I was there, I just figured he was a little ticked off… 500 before the end of the year! 

Former Tiger Pudge Rodriguez was suspended for two games along with Torii Hunter for scrapin’ the other night. Torii stole second off of Pudge and then went on to steal third… no doubt Pudge was unhappy. Torii got caught in a rundown between third and home on a short grounder to third and was tagged at the plate. Pudge kinda pushed him away and then started walking toward the dugout… Torii really blindsided him, slamimng him in the back… HARD!  He deserves the suspension. Why Pudge got one too, I don’t know.

Did you see this week’s Amazing Sports Stories? It’s a really cool story about Houston Colt .45 third baseman Bob Aspromonte who befriends a young boy blinded by a lightning strike while playing a little league game.

“Hit a home run for me, Bobby!”

Catch it this week on FSN.

Look for the return of Dontrelle Willis next week and the first start of the season from Freddy Garcia… should be interesting.

I wish both the best of luck!  

Well, it’s on to the southside of Chicago. The White Sox are waiting!  Both weekend games are nationally televised. Saturday is on Fox at 3:55 ET and Sunday’s game is ESPN’s Sunday night game.





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3 Responses to Tiger’s Season Nearly Done!

  1. nicky says:

    you had a good year

  2. nicky says:

    maybe next year

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