My, my, my! What a difference a couple of years makes!

Let’s go back, shall we, to the year 2006…


                           <<Time Passing>> 


A Tigers and White Sox series had some real bite to it… especially in the month of September! These two teams tangled and fought hard the entire season. Detroit had taken the division lead on May 16th… and remained in the lead throughout most of the year. They reliquished the lead on the last day of the season to the Twins… entering the playoffs as the Wild Card.

The White Sox seemed even then to have our number. For the year we were 7 and 12.

Still, each series against Chicago had a playoff feel. Comerica Park was electric! 


By September, their lead had dwindled to a 1/2 game over the Minnesota Twins. It was beginning to get a little hairy…

There was a nervousness about these two teams playing…

The Tigers just can’t lose tonight! We HAVE to win!! 

The anticipation was overwhelming and it was the talk on everyone’s lips across the city.

We HAVE to win!! 

The White Sox would give us a rough time in ’06. Winning games against them wasn’t easy…but we knew we were better!

We were the team that “came out of nowhere!” 

We HAVE to win!

The Tigers in the thick of it…  in September.

The pennant race! The freakin’ pennant race!

We could hang on…  We just knew…







Fun and exciting baseball for Tiger’s fans?

Yeah, not so much!

The White Sox face the Tigers again and that kind of excitement about this match-up just isn’t there… at least for us. I’m sure that they are looking forward to playing the Tigers. They sit atop the AL Central with a slim one game lead over the Twins. We haven’t done so well against them this year, they’ve won four out of seven against Detroit at US Cellular Field and they’re looking to make it 5! Overall, the White Sox are 9 – 6 against the Tigers. 

The Chisox have had a rough run of late. They’ve dropped 3 of 4 games to the Blue Jays. They’ve lost 9 of their last 15… and they’re without Crede, Carlos Quentin and Paul Konerko.

They NEED the Tigers this weekend!

Tiger’s pitcher Justin Verlander is 10-15 with a 4.78 ERA and gets the nod against John Danks who is 10-8 with a 3.44 ERA.

Verlander hasn’t been the same guy that he was in 2006. He has trouble locating his pitches and opponents have just eaten him for dinner and spit him out. Don’t get me wrong, he has had some bright spot days, days when he’s pitched well. Lately though, it hasn’t been so good for him… A pitchers poor performance sometimes threads successively into each throw. One bad outing can leak into the next… call it a slump, if you will. But, this has gone on for far too long! Yet, my fingers, toes and eyes (yes, my eyes) are crossed and I hope he does well tonight!  Why?

Because, beating the White Sox always makes us feel good!

First pitch is at 8:11 ET 






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