What Chu Talkin’ Bout – Willis?

Dontrelle Willis is making his first start since June 9th. And, I gotta say.. I’m still nervous watching him pitch. As you know, he has an unorthodox style to his hurls. He says that dates back to when as a kid he had to get batters out when they were playing ball. I’m working on forgiving him for that. His style I can learn to live with. The problem though is that his control is spotty. He doesn’t have good command of his fastball. And, he gives up too many walks. I’ve seen a number of pitches go into the dirt tonight. The Rangers are hitting the ball pretty hard off of him, too. He’s been lucky for the most part though… a couple have gone foul, Curtis Granderson saved him big-time with a tremendous catch at the wall in center. He’s been getting behind the hitters alot! I don’t think he’s got it!  I just don’t!  At the end of the day, the line on him may not look too bad. But, he’s shaky. Yet, I’m going to give him another start before I write him off for good though. C’mon D-Train…





Kenny Rogers won’t be used by Jim Leyland again this year. He may have pitched his last game as a Tiger. His career record is 219-156. Detroit fans will never forget his masterful pitching performance in the 2006 play-offs and of course the World Series.

Was that really dirt on his hand?

I’m going to miss him… maybe the Tigers should think of giving him a job as… hmmm… Pitching Coach? The kids listen to him. How many times did you see Bonderman or Verlander go to Kenny in the dugout while they were having issues on the mound? They trust his advice!


Taylor got his 1st career grand slammy off of Tiger’s pitcher Gary Glover, who came on in the sixth for Dontrelle Willis. It’s the second grand slam given up by Tigers pitching in an equal number of nights!




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