Cleveland Series Finale This Weekend!

The final three games the Tigers will play against Cleveland begin tonight. In the opener the Tigers send Armando Galarraga to face Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona. Armando has had his share of troubles lately. I hope he can get it done tonight for us!

Then, it’ll be Justin Verlander and Jeremy Sowers in Game 2.

Game 3 will feature Dontrelle Willis and Scott Lewis.

I’m watching Dontrelle closely, just like everyone else, I’m sure. I was unhappy with his performance on Monday. Let’s hope he’s not as shaky on Sunday!


I was just reading where Curtis Granderson will be the player analyst for the American League and National League Division Series for TBS!

He’s a smart guy. I really value his opinion. I attended a symposium about the breaking of the color barrier in baseball by Jackie Robinson. Granderson appeared with the President of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Gates Brown, and Ernie Harwell. When he was questioned by audience members, his answers were well thought out and insightful.

He’s been my favorite player on this ball club since the first day I watched him play in 2004. He had superstar written all over him then!


I’m going to take another trip out to the Tiger Stadium site and grab some pictures. It’ll make my fifth such visit since the demolition began.

 Look for the pictures this weekend!


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