Tigers Skip Serves Suspension! Sheffield In A Scrum!

Wow! What a week this has turned out to be, huh? Tiger’s manager Jim Leyland is suspended for the three games in Cleveland because of “inappropriate conduct,” and now this!

Are the Tigers melting down? Is it frustration overload?

The answer is yes to both questions! This has been a frustrating, difficult season all the way around. They’re letting off a little steam. Can you blame them? Well, can you? They feel it just as much as we do, but more.

First of all, let me say that I think that Shef did what he had to do. Fausto Carmona intended to hit him with that pitch! Then, he goaded him while he stood at first… and tried to pick him off! He wanted a fight. The history behind last night’s scrum goes back to April 17th. Five batters were hit by pitches, including Sheffield.

Who was pitching that night? Carmona, of course!

I get why Shef was ejected, but I don’t understand why Polanco was run. The replays of the fight seemed only to show that Polanco was trying to calm the situation.

Victor Martinez was ejected from last night’s game as well.

Ironically, I intended to discuss suspensions/ejections in baseball this weekend, and what warrants them. You see, I don’t think Leyland should be run for his argument with umpires on Monday and Tuesday. Nor do I think he should have been suspended. His actions didn’t warrant it. Now, if he swung at an umpire – absolutely. You have to go! Get suspended and pay your fine. I’m seeing players get run just for looking at umpires wrong! They need to develop a thicker hide in baseball.

Last night’s actions on the other hand do. Carmona had Sheffield in a headlock and was pounding him in the top of the head! He should be out for a while! Sheffield will undoubtedly be out too. That’s too bad, Sheffield’s quest for 500 was the one true bright spot in this terrible year,  along with Magglio’s possible batting title!

What do you think?  

Tonight’s game will be interesting to see. First pitch is at 7:05 ET.  Justin Verlander starts for Detroit while Jeremy Sowers gets the nod for Cleveland.

By the way, in the April 17 hit fest, Verlander was the pitcher.


Tomorrow is the final game at Yankee Stadium. I listened to the Yankees on WCBS this afternoon on MLB’s Gameday Plus Audio. They were saying that there is a big farewell planned. Suzyn Waldman said she had asked to be informed of the events planned, but was only given a hint. She said she teared up at just the little bit she was told!

The ceremonies begin at 7ET. Unfortunately, this is ESPN’s Sunday Night game and their broadcast starts at 8! I’m sure they’ll show some of it during the broadcast.

I’ve always had a fondness for Yankee Stadium, although I’ve never been there. We were both born on an April 18!


Carlos is out for the rest of the season because of his back.  He hasn’t played since August 25th.


I made my promised visit to the site this afternoon.

I’ll post the pictures tomorrow!


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