It’s Over!

What a weekend for baseball fans, huh?

Let me start with the Yankees game from last night! I was in near tears watching the pre-game ceremonies. The folks who put this together have every reason to be proud of what they brought to life last night!!

These are a few of the moments that I found to be particularly poignant…

*Yogi Berra taking his position behind home plate. Couldn’t you just feel his emotion as he looked down at the plate, and then around to the batter’s boxes?

*Babe Ruth’s daughter throwing out the first pitch.

*Billy Martin’s son taking the field.

*Thurman Munson’s son walking out onto the field.

*Bobby Murcer’s family walking out onto the field.

*Willie Randolph’s slide into second. Apparently done on a dare!

*Bernie Williams receiving a long 2 minute ovation.

And, there were just tons of other various moments, like Jeter’s speech. Like watching Don Larsen scoop up dirt from the pitcher’s mound… listening to Bob Sheppard’s address to kick things off. The list is nearly endless. I was held spellbound throughout the entire night!


While Yankee fans were getting ready to end their beloved stadium’s tenure, we were already resigned to our fate. The Tigers dropped three to the Indians in a weekend that began with a roar, well kind of, if you think of the Sheffield/Carmona fireworks on Friday night as a “roar.”

It didn’t last long though.

Hey, even FSN Detroit has pretty much called it a night on this team, too. They were showing hot dog races and interviewing Indians players on the field at the conclusion of the games.

WXYT baseball sidekick Jim Price summed it up nicely, when during Saturday night’s broadcast, he said “they’re just mailing it in!”

At one point during one of these games, Ordonez had a chance to throw a runner out at the plate.

There was no hustle!  None! 

Price remarked that Ordonez had looked as if he had “conceded the run.” He said that there wasn’t anything behind the throw to the plate.

Sad!  What happened to the “nine full innings” philosphy? Oh, wait! It must be the – that’s only a good rule to follow when you’re team has a winning record – philosphy!

Yeah, I’m a little disgusted.

Tonight starts a three game set against Kansas City. Zach Miner is pitching for Detroit. Gil Meche is on the hill for KC.

By the way, Sheff is out for four games beginning tonight. Carmona got hit with six for his role in Friday night’s fracas.


I sat outside on a chilly Saturday night and listened to KABC and the Los Angeles Dodgers. When I retired for the night and went inside I turned to FSN Prime Ticket, which televises the Dodgers games. Vin Scully remarked that Joe Torre was wearing a huge wrist watch. When he was asked why, he said it was a self-winding watch and if he doesn’t wear it it runs out.

For me sometimes, it’s the things that aren’t entirely baseball related, that adds to the dimension of a baseball broadcast. Scully has mastered this art.

I also liked the comment he made while Manny was at the plate and James Loney was on deck.

He said “Loney could be out there dancing and no one would see him. All eyes are on Manny!”

It’s vintage Vin Scully. He’s great! 




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