Miggy Nominated!

Detroit Tiger’s first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, has been nominated for Major League Baseball’s Hank Aaron Award. Miggy has certainly come around since first coming over to the Tigers this season. Currently, he has a .294 batting average, 36 home runs and he’s driven in 125 runs!

Congratulations on the nomination. I’ve made my vote for you!

The Tigers are hoping to bring a stop to the current 5 game skid. It’s game 2 at Comerica Park tonight against The Royals. Freddy Garcia gets his second nod for the Tigers this season.

Hopefully, it will be as impressive as his first.

KC will be sending Zach Greinke to the hill.

This was to be the last game of the season for me, but I sold my tickets to a friend who’s originally from Kansas City. She hadn’t seen her Royals play yet this year. So, I was glad to be able to spread some good ol’ baseball cheer!

NOW my final game of the season will be Friday night to see the Rays.



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1 Response to Miggy Nominated!

  1. northstateblues says:

    Hey Skip, nice place you have here! I’m happy to hear about Cabrerra’s nomination, was worried when he first came over, but looks like he’s quieted that. I’m guessing there’ll be a lot to look forward to for Detroit in the near future.

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