Finally, a win! Whew! I was really beginning to wonder if we would see a victory again this year. OK, that’s not really true, but it was sure looking pretty bad there. Ramon Santiago belted two homers today. Mike Hessman had his second in as many games. Dusty Ryan said let me try, too! And, Curtis Granderson tallied with his 21st.

The final score was 7 – 5!

The Ray’s shipped 200 bottles of champagne to Comerica Park for today’s game, but the Detroit win has stalled Tampa Bay’s AL East championship… at least for now. Keep a close eye on the Boston/Cleveland game tonight!

If Boston loses, the Rays will clinch.

The pitching match-up tonight is Jon Lester (15-6 3.26 ERA 1.30 WHIP) for the BoSox and the Indians will send Jeremy Sowers (4-8 5.48 ERA 1.48 WHIP) to the mound.

I’ll be at the game tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it. First 25,000 fans are going to get an autographed thank-you card. I’ll be there early to watch BP.

It’s my last Tiger’s game of the season. I’ll try to bring you some game stuff on Saturday… pictures, thoughts, happenings – you know!


The Dodgers have their first division title in 4 years. The Diamondbacks lost today to St Louis and really handed the title over. The Dodgers will take the field tonight at 10:10 ET.

Congratulations Dodgers!



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  1. northstateblues says:

    Skip, Thanks, I’m excited! And I was glad to see the Tigers hold off the Rays, Tampa Bay is a good story, but you never want the other team clinching in your house. Hope you had a good time at the ballpark!

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