Closing In On The End!

S5030425 AA.JPGWell, the season is fast coming to a close! Last night I got to the ballpark at 5. I wanted to see BP and soak up as much as I could before the end of the night! When I got to the park, I bought my scorecard. It’s fan appreciation weekend and there were a lot of opportunities to buy some player used items, like game used jerseys, bats, autographed balls, etc. The only things I grabbed were two programs for 5 bucks! One was the Inaugral Day at Comerica Park… April 11, 2000. The other was the 2005 All Star Game program. That game, of course, was held at Comerica Park. Afterwards, I bought a few 50/50 tickets to help out The Detroit Tigers Foundation. Then, I was off for a “Walk-Thru…”

First stop… the visiting Tampa Bay Rays dugout to watch The Rays on the field. Inside the dugout Joe Maddon was being interviewd by a televison reporter.

The Rays were hoping to win in order to clinch the AL East. The Tiger’s had different plans for them though. 

S5030419 AA.JPG

S5030417 AA.JPG From there I wandered over to the Detroit dugout…

S5030421 AA.JPG

The fans were few. Usually, it’s jam packed with folks trying to get a glimpse of their favorite Tiger.

From there it was time to get a beer and a dog and go to my seat to fill out the starting line-up.

S5030424 AA.JPG

The seats were in the Tiger’s Terrace along the third base side. These seats are cushioned and give you lots of room for your legs and feet. My buddy Rob got the tickets and graciously gave me one. Thanks Rob! 

Here’s Rob helping out a guy who had gone to the bathroom and wanted to know what he had missed!

S5030437 AA.JPG

It was a perfect night for a ballgame. Gary Sheffield hit home runs 498 and 499. Justin Verlander pitched well. 5IP 4H 2ER 3BB 8SO and… the Tigers went on to win the game 6 – 4!
Thumbnail image for S5030436 AA.JPG

I got a call from Rob today. He was able to get a hold of two tickets to Sunday’s season finale. So… the last game of 2008 will be my last game as well! 

S5030453 AA.JPG


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2 Responses to Closing In On The End!

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Hope you had fun at the finale. Comerica’s a beautiful park. Was there last season while researching my book. LOVED the BBQ place (can’t remember the name). Long lines but worth the wait.

    • Skip says:

      Yes I did, Jane! It was a beautiful day for baseball. I got a little fried in the sun, but other than that I had a great time. By the way, the name of the BBQ place is The Montgomery Inn. Thanks for looking in! ~Skip

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