Can’t We Just Get Along?

I was really excited about the beginning of baseball’s second season, today! I awoke this morning with the suggestion of a smile upon my lips.
Jim Leyland 2008.jpgThe anticipation of new things in my life. All things that were old had passed!

Poof!  Gone Away!

Most notably, the dismay and melancholy I’d begun to feel daily were gone! 

It was a new day!

Then, I picked up the morning paper. There it was
lease, don’t take my sunshine away! –
an interview with Tigers manager, Jim Leyland. He was discussing what should have been and everything that wasn’t  –  about the 2008 Detroit Tigers.

Jim Leyland wasn’t given a contract extension. He’s not happy about that. OK!  I see that. But, he’s as much to blame for this team ending up in last place, just as much as the players themselves are.

“I have not been extended, and I’m not gonna be extended,” Leyland said. “Dave and I have had a conversation. There was some sense of an offer that I did not accept. … “I want to manage the Tigers. I have every intention of managing the Tigers. I’m disappointed that I did not get an extension but I understand — well, maybe I don’t understand.”

He went on to say that the two coaches fired earlier this week were “mere scapegoats for people not doing their jobs.”

He has had a frustrating season! He goes on to say during the interview that he accepts responsibilty for the 74 – 88 last place finish. It sure seems like he’s putting a lot of others out there on the ol’ barby!  

Obviously, there were performance issues. There were even rumors of clubhouse issues through-out the year. There was indecisiveness about who was gonna play first/third/catch, etc. Who would bat and in what order… and, of course, there were the injuries. Injuries to Granderson, Bonderman, Zumaya, and Rodney certainly were unexpected and didn’t help us. But, we have to stop criticizing and start looking for solutions to the problem. It’s possible comments like this might fire them up — get ’em going — during the season. But, right now – today – they just sound bad!

They sound real bad!

It makes me think that there’s much more going on here. That saddens me! 

And, with that…


Here’s how I think things are going to shape up in the divisional series… and, just so you know, every year I’m wrong! Yep!
I suck at predictions!  But, here goes anyhow…

  • The Phillies will win their series with the Brewers in 4!
  • The Dodgers will win over the Cubs. This one will go 5 games!
  • The Angels will beat Boston. I see a sweep here!
  • Chicago edges out the Rays in 5.

What do YOU think?


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2 Responses to Can’t We Just Get Along?

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Interesting post about Leyland. He doesn’t sound too happy. I always thought he was a terrific manager but I haven’t seen him day to day……You really think the Angels will sweep the Red Sox? I like it, being a Yankee fan, but it’s an awfully bold prediction!

  2. Skip says:

    Jane, I was thinking that it might have been a sweep, but of course, it can’t be now with the Boston win. I told you I suck at predictions! Take a look at my post from today…
    Thanks for looking in! I appreciate it!

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