Skipstradamus Analyzes Predictions!


In the year 2008, many happily enjoy hoagies well into the next arena; 

The storm brews in the west. Hurtling white missles will leave many from the east in tears;

The past victors of eighty-eight dodge laboriously past the awakened, formidable bear;

While the new ones fall; triumphant are them who stand tall in the windy city! 

 The above Skipstradamus quatrain was recently found in a cave in a small Spanish town. It’s authenticity has not yet been verified, but the predictions contained within were too important to be witheld from the baseball public!


As you can see by looking at yesterday’s post, my mad skills at predicting game outcomes leave much to be desired! 

Here’s how we’re shaping up…

OCTOBER 1, 2008

  • Phillies beat the Brewers 3 – 1   PHI leads series   1 – 0
  • Dodgers over Cubbies  7 – 2      LAD leads series   1 – 0
  • Boston beat LAA 4 – 1              BOS leads series  1 – 0              

With the exception of the Boston victory, I’m on track!  I did say that LAA would sweep the BoSox… OK, so that won’t happen, but I still see a Los Angeles 2nd Round!

I know the Boston fans think I’m a crackpot! Maybe!

As of this writing, two games have already been played today. I won’t add those in just yet as the third game, LAD/CHC is just getting underway.



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