World Series Game 4

I’m TIRED! I don’t know about you, but I’m also tired of being tired! I couldn’t stay up and watch the game last night, which I guess ended at around 1:45 am. You could possibly argue that last night’s game was delayed by rain and didn’t get started until 10 pm.

Sure, that’s true. But still, these games start too late. But I wonder, how many folks have tuned out because of the start time?

Mr Selig, do you want more people to watch baseball?

Then, may I suggest an earlier start time?

With that being said, Tampa Bay lost last night and the series is now 2 – 1, in favor of Philadelphia. I really feel that if Tampa Bay wants to win the championship, they MUST win tonight!

With the Phillie’s putting Joe Blanton on the mound, this is their best chance, yet!

They do not want to face Cole Hamels, who is slated to pitch game 5. He’ll put it away.

Tonight, it’s Andy Sonnanstine and Joe Blanton. The Fox broadcast begins at 8 ET.



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