World Series Game 5 ~ Part 2

So is it the movies imitating life, or life imitating the movies? It kind of sounds like one of those 2 – night movie events on Fox. Doesn’t it?

For the first time in the history of the Fall Classic, a game has been suspended. It’s kind of interesting when you think about it. It’s the World Series this week. Next week, it’ll be an historic presidential election.

Now, I’ve always heard that these kinds of things only happen in 3’s. So, what’s next? Will it be a Tampa Bay comeback tonight leading to the Rays eventually taking the series? That would be historic on a number of levels, especially considering that they are down 3 – 1. Plus, it would be their first ever championship in the history of their franchise.

Or, will it be Philadelphia’s time to make history?

Whichever way it goes, game 5 will be picked up where it was left off, in the bottom of the sixth.

Many of my discussions today have mostly centered around the question of, “who will pitch for the Phillies?” Here’s what I think…

When we last left our dynamic duo… Cole Hamels was about to step into the batters box.

If this game had been played yesterday, he may have have a pinch hitter bat for him. With the game being played tonight, I’m not so sure.

If I were the Phillies and I had but a couple of innings left to play… and I wanted to win in front of the home folks, I’d roll out Hamels for one more inning. He’s had a day of rest. He could do it. I think he had thrown something like 75 pitches Monday night. There’s still a little room left in the fridge. I also think that he’s their best hope. And then, if he begins to look tired, yank him, and put in Brad Lidge.

If the Rays want to live to see game 6, they should let Grant Balfour pitch the rest of the inning and then go with David Price.

Anyway that you look at this, it’s going to be historic.

Due to a 30 minute Barack Obama message being aired tonight, MLB will hold off the first pitch until around 8:37 ET.

* With the season ending soon, I want you to know that I will be updating frequently with Hot Stove information. That’s always fun to follow. Of course, the Tigers are looking to fill some key holes which I’ll be posting about. Plus, I’ll post other things during the off season that I hope you’ll find interesting. Check back often, subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss a post and feel free to comment. It’s baseball. It’s the Tigers. It’s worth talking about!


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