Off – Season Classics!

Besides the election, of course, all of the talk around here concerns the Allen Iverson trade from Denver to the Detroit Pistons. I’m sorry to see Chauncey and McDyess go, other than than that, the Iverson move is a helluva deal for us! It looks like Dumars is REALLY trying to make it work. I’m glad.

Lately, I’ve been debating about what things I should post during the off – season. Typically, I’ll take a week or two away from anything baseball. Then afterwards, I’m usually finding something baseball related to get me through to April. I just purchased a couple of classic baseball broadcasts. Most likely, I’ll comment on them at some point. One is the 1941 All Star game in Detroit at Briggs Stadium. The other is the 7th game of the 1968 World Series in St Louis. Coming from an era where games were rarely televised, and radio was the only source you had to get a game, I have developed an epicure’s appreciation of these broadcasts. Someone who enjoys reading, may enjoy an occasional drink from Shakespeare’s literary cup. I gravitate toward the old time games! And, when I listen, sometimes the game itself will take a backseat to the descriptions of the announcer.

For instance, I have the September 1934 complete game broadcast of the Tigers and the Yankees at Navin Field in Detroit. Tigers announcer Ty Tyson mentioned during the game that “new bleachers were being erected on Cherry Street.” Well, the addition of these bleachers would close Cherry Street at Trumbull, thus marking the beginning of construction that would eventually create Tiger Stadium. Listening, it was as though I had traveled in time and witnessed the event itself! I know it’s kind of weird, but it’s how I am. Then, when I visited the Tiger Stadium site over the summer, one of the things I had to do was get a picture of that corner, mostly to remind myself in a tangible way that “I was there.” Even if it was only in my imagination!

Then, obviously there is the game itself, especially if it’s good. So, I’m going to listen to a couple of those games this winter and immerse myself in them. I’ll listen to them like a young boy who is hearing his heroes play for the first time, but I’ll take notes like a grown man who appreciates and cares about all of the little details that can be brought back to life. Also, I’ll gain some historical insight into a world that wasn’t mine, but one that will allow me to sneak a peek! Then, I can say I was there!



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