Internet Sensation Joe Beimel

So far I feel as though things are shaping up for the 2009 campaign quite nicely. I’m happy with Brandon Inge at third, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I like our acquisition of Adam Everett at short. I’m not at all thrilled with Carlos Guillen out in left. I’d like to see a change made there. But, where would he go? The catcher, Laird is a smart choice. I’m still very concerned about pitching. Of course, without good pitching, we could end up back in last place. I can’t see Dontrelle Willis picking up a starting role with this club. I just can’t. Personally, I think he’s fizzled out and has had his 15 minutes. Nate is iffy, unless he can rebound and pitch with the stuff he’s had in the past. The addition of Jackson can be a good thing, but we still need middle relief and a closer who’s name isn’t Rodney.

Southpaw Joe Biemel, of late with the Dodgers, is a name that is currently out there. Reportedly, the Tigers are interested and a deal could be forthcoming. Beimel can be a closer, but I think his forte’ is as a set up man or as a situational reliever. Beimel would be a good pick-up, if a deal can be made.

Over the course of the 49 innings that he pitched, he compiled a W-L record of 5-1. He saw action in 71 games and has an ERA of 2.02. His WHIP is 1.45. One claim to fame, during his first two years with the Dodgers – he kept Barry Bonds to 1 – 16! He’s also an Internet sensation on You Tube! You would think that would account for something!

Seriously though, I’d like to see him as a Tiger!



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