Baseball Hall Of Fame

Among the names on this years Hall Of Fame ballot, are Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. I think both of these players are deserving of the nod. Why shouldn’t they be?

I just read a posted comment to one of the stories on the Detroit Free Press website that made me pause. I didn’t like what it suggested. The comment essentially said that if Morris or Tram were a player for the Yankee’s or the Red Sox, they would get stronger consideration.

I truly hope that’s not the case. But, I’m also not naive.

Nonetheless, the questions persist. Why haven’t these two deserving players been elected yet? I wish I knew the answer. But, taking a quick glance at their records should make anyone notice that there has been a huge oversight. It’s nothing less than an injustice that has been committed against these two.

The BBWAA are a good group of people. Smart people. I’m sure that they have given these players, as they have all players, the proper consideration due because of their accomplishments on the field. Although, I will say, if one of them has something, in particular, against them because they were a part of the Tiger’s organization, then that’s just plain wrong.

I’m having a hard time just knowing that two guys who should be there – aren’t. Look at what they were able to do during their baseball playing days.

Morris was the winningest pitcher of the 1980’s and he compiled 254 victories in the 549 games he appeared in. He ended his playing career in 1994 with a 3.90 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP.

Morris was also an All Star 5 times, and an MVP in 1991. He pitched in 4 World Series and is a two time Babe Ruth award winner.

Six time All Star, Alan Trammell, is a three time Silver Slugger award winner. Trammell also won a Gold Glove at short four times. When his playing career ended, he held a .285 batting average. Occasional speculation has been that the lower BA might be his Kryptonite. But, let’s face it, everything else, is absolutely Hall material.

Trammell has been eligible since 2002. Morris since 2001. It’s time for one of them to get in, isn’t it?

Please feel free to call me a believer in these two because they are former Tigers. I’d have to say, I agree with you, that it’s true. It’s a lot of the reason why I’m absolutely adamant that one or both of them get in. You won’t find me slinking away from that. I’m unabashedly a Detroit Tiger fan.

But, other than that, they have both had stellar careers, in a Detroit Tigers uniform or not. Don’t forget, Jack Morris played for the Twins and Blue Jays, and ended his career with the Indians. It doesn’t change the way I feel.

I’m really hoping that one of them will get in this year. What about you? What do you think?


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