Tigers Win The Home Opener

Miggy 2009GS.jpg

It was a “grand slam” opening day in Detroit (thanks Miggy)!

The ballpark atmosphere, accentuated by the smell of the hot dogs, and the sound of families rambling to their seats, truly meant that spring had arrived in Detroit.

The Tigers didn’t disappoint the 44,588 enthused fans, bringing the Rangers to their knees with a score of 15-2.

Miguel Cabrera hit a grand slam in the fourth off of Kris Benson. It was his first with the Tigers, and the second of his career. It was the kind of home run that opening day dreams are made of. Cabrera drove in six runs, and is sporting a .611 batting average.

Along with Cabrera, Granderson doubled, and Gerald Laird tripled.

Armando Galarraga picked up his first victory of the season.

Adding an extra touch of emotion during opening day ceremonies was a tribute to former Tiger George Kell. Many fans recalled Kell’s play by play, and tearfully watched as a flag, bearing his initials, was raised in his honor.

This afternoon was a tribute also to Detroit’s auto workers.

Opening day in Detroit! There is nothing like it!

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