Detroit Tigers Home Opener

It has arrived! It’s Opening Day in Detroit!

The Texas Rangers are in town, and while the Tigers are 1-3, the Rangers boast an unbeaten record.

Well, it’s time to change that!

Armando Galarraga, who was the best we put on the mound last year, gets the nod for Detroit.

Kris Benson, in his first start since September 2006, will try to keep the Texas record spotless.

It’s a great day to be at the ball park.

There will be a tribute to the legendary George Kell at 12:35. Kid Rock will throw out the ceremonial first pitch, and the Tigers will be honoring Detroit’s autoworkers.

“The thing with the automakers [using the center-field fountain as a show of support] is an unbelievable gesture,” Leyland said. “Hopefully that’ll lighten some spirits a little bit. Hopefully we’ll give them a good show. We’ll be playing a team that’s obviously swinging the bats extremely well right out of the chute. They can hit. So can we.”

Get out and show your support for the auto industry today, and for your Detroit Tigers. Baseball is back in the D!

Go Tigers!!

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