A Good Weekend For The Tigers

As it turned out, it wasn’t a good weekend for my home computer. After talking with a number of people, I either have a bad power supply, it is overheating, or I have a virus! Regardless, it has left me without a way to post during the evening. I apologize. I’m working on getting it corrected soon.

With all of that said, it was a great weekend for the Tigers, who find themselves in a three way tie for first in the Central.

With the exception of Verlander’s bad inning on Friday night, good pitching turned out to be the topic on talk radio, and among fans.

Edwin Jackson, despite feeling ill, pitched a shut-out for nearly eight innings.

“I just felt weak,” Jackson said. “I’m not sure if it’s a slight case of what’s going around, but I was not fully energized.”

He allowed only five hits, and walked one batter. Bobby Seay and Fernando Rodney finished off the M’s to win, 2-0.

“He was sick as a dog. I was really worried about him whether he was going to hold up,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “But he went out there and got through it. It was a courageous effort.”

On Sunday, the Tigers wrapped up the series with another victory, 8-2. Rick Porcello was happy to get his first big league win, pie in the face and doused with beer.

“That’s all right; I spit it out,” mused Porcello.

Porcello is 20 years old. The weekend games featured the suicide squeeze – twice. It is disappointing that we may not see it for again, at least for a while.

You won’t see that again for another three months,” said Leyland, who also called for a squeeze on Friday. “Two times in one series for me — that won’t happen very often. I don’t like the play, I never have.”

The Tigers next play the Angels. Armando Galarraga will face Jered Weaver, who last faced the Mariners on April 15. In that game he gave up 10 hits, and 4 earned runs in five innings of work.

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2 Responses to A Good Weekend For The Tigers

  1. juliasrants says:

    Is your home computer a Toshiba Laptop by any chance? They do have a problem with over heating we solved our problem by overriding the internal fan and having it stay on longer.


  2. Skip says:

    No, it’s a desktop computer. It’s about 5 years old. I’m going to try and replace the power supply. I think it keeps overheating. But, I hate that I can’t blog at night. I want to get a laptop, but I’m waiting until the rollout of Windows 7. I have heard terrible things abvout Vista.

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