The Tigers Are Out West

Do you get frustrated when the Tigers play on the west coast?

I do.

The games don’t begin until after ten here in Detroit.

I hate the waiting.

On top of that, because most of the televised games start at seven, they eat away at a huge chunk of prime time TV. I don’t even know what is worth watching. Television shows have names that are mostly foreign to me, and my luck would be such that I would get one of those serial shows, in which last week’s episode is vital to this week’s show.

So, usually I’m stuck! Usually!

Tonight will be an exception. Detroit is in playoff mode in hockey and basketball. Something, we’ve become pretty used to, I might add.

Now, I am not a real big NBA fan. Oh, I follow the Pistons, and the headline news of the day, but otherwise I don’t have a lot to add to a conversation about basketball.

The Pistons will play Cleveland in game 2 tonight. They are trying to even the series with the Cavaliers. I could watch that, or a least some of it.

But, when it comes to the off season in baseball, a lot of my time is spent following the Wings! Come on, this is of course “Hockeytown!”

The Detroit Red Wings are in Columbus tonight, for game three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Detroit has a two games to none lead over the Blue Jackets. I’ll be hanging out with a few friends, watching.

So, at least it isn’t too bad. I’ll have something to occupy me until 10:05 tonight, and for game four on Thursday.

Tomorrow…Mmmmm. That’s a different story.

Did I mention that I hate waiting for west coast games to begin?


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1 Response to The Tigers Are Out West

  1. juliasrants says:

    I too hate West Coast swings! The Red Sox did that last week. Makes for very late nights!


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