Verlander’s No Decision

It has been quite the time, lately. At home without a computer, and crazy busy at work. So, I finally have a moment to reflect on the Tigers-Angels Series.

With the help of a five run seventh inning, the Tigers were able to pull one out last night. Granderson and Inge both homered for Detroit, and Juan Rincon picked up his first win of the year.

But, the big question lingers. What is going on with Justin Verlander? The hits and the runs keep coming when he’s on the mound. I noticed last night that he seemed to be seething, especially after the first inning. He’s frustrated. Could that have something to do with his poor performance?

“Our guys picked me up,” Verlander said of his no-decision. “That’s the type of ballgame that’s a good win for us. Our guys held in there. They picked me up. Obviously, it wasn’t the start I would like to have had. But when it’s all said and done, we got a win, because our guys picked me up.”

Tonight, Edwin Jackson takes the mound to face Matt Palmer.

Let’s make it two in a row!

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1 Response to Verlander’s No Decision

  1. juliasrants says:

    If Justin is getting frustrated he might have a hard time over coming it. Good luck to him – the “mental” problems seem to take a much great toll.


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