Granderson And Jackson Part Of Three-Way Deal


you ever been told someone you knew, or possibly loved, was about to
die? You began to ready yourself emotionally for the inevitable. 
Unfortunately, when the time arrived, you found that all the mental
preparation had been useless. There was still disbelief, pain, and
sorrow. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you think you prepared, you find in the end that you were not.

You may think my example leans toward the extreme. Possibly it does.
But, I saw how the fans reacted to the Granderson/Jackson trade.

Really, it had come as no surprise. Days ago the Tiger’s had said
Granderson could easily be part of a future deal. So then, why the
shock? I suppose it is because as humans we always hope that what we
fear most will never come to pass. Even when we are given the time to
prepare for an eventuality such as this, we procrastinate. We will deal with it later. Right now, we don’t want to hear it. Many thought it would never happen.

If you haven’t heard about the three-way deal that took place today – here’s the skinny:

  • The Detroit Tigers will send CF Curtis Granderson to the New York Yankees and RHP Edwin Jackson to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • In return, the Tigers will get LHP Phil Coke and OF Austin Jackson from the Yankees.
  • Detroit will also get RHP Max Scherzer and LHP Daniel Schlereth from the Diamondbacks.
  • In addition to Jackson, Arizona will get RHP Ian Kennedy from New York.

It will be some time before we know whether this deal will be
beneficial to any of the teams involved. Certainly, as a Detroit fan, I
think the Yankees got the best of this one, and that is why it hurts as
it does.

Curtis Granderson isn’t just a solid centerfielder. He is a good,
decent guy who became an ambassador for the game of baseball. He is an
eloquent speaker who took the time to help the community, most notably
through his organization Grand Kids Foundation.

He became a part of our extended family.

Now, it is time to say good-bye to him and Edwin Jackson. They will
become part of another city’s extended family. Their presence will be
felt in another community, and another group of fans will call them
their own. Good-bye and best wishes for continued success. Detroit fans
will miss you.

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2 Responses to Granderson And Jackson Part Of Three-Way Deal

  1. beneffect says:

    I think the Tigers came out ahead in this trade. Scherzer and Jackson alone have the potential to make this deal worthwhile for Detroit and then you add in Coke and Schlereth. And I know you have a personal connection with Granderson, but the Yankees only get him out of the trade, definitely not making themselves the winners. Take a moment away from your loss and take a look at the great future that comes with the guys you traded for! Though, being a Twins fan, I hope they don’t do that well.

  2. yankeeholics says:

    Yep Curtis Granderson is a Yank. You guys got AJax who i was really looking forward to seeing in centerfield for the yanks


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