The Trade – The Day After

The dust  from yesterday’s storm has settled. We survived.

The deed done. The gamut of emotion from disbelief to sadness to
anger has left many (including me) weary.  I can’t change the past, but
I know I must move forward. But, before I can do that, I need to hear
from Dave Dombrowski.

When he was asked about the deal that sent Curtis Granderson to the Yankees, the Detroit Tigers general manager said,

“Well, it’s very difficult. When I talked to him on
the phone today, I said it was one of the more difficult phone calls
I’ve made in my career. You’ve all seen his ability, and it speaks for
itself. He’s a very good player, but he’s as quality a human being as
you’ll find. He is an individual that’s meant a lot to our franchise, a
lot to the city, to the state, and he’s been a Tiger. So, it’s a very
tough, very difficult conversation.

“I know he’s well loved, and it’s deserved. But it’s also one of
those things — I told him. He understood. We are making some
adjustments and it’s a business decision, and hopefully we are bringing
in people that people will fall in love with. When you trade players,
and having gone through this for a while, that are known for the
unknown, it’s never a popular move with your fans.”

I needed Dombrowski’s acknowledgment of my pain. That will give me closure.

Curtis Granderson was my favorite Detroit Tiger. But now, it comes
down to this – his team affiliation has changed, my opinion of him has
not – he will remain one of my favorite ball players, regardless of the
uniform on his back.

When the New York Yankees come to Detroit next season, I will be
there. In fact, I am picturing a warm evening at Comerica Park. Just as
the sun begins its descent behind the seats at home plate, the booth
announcer utters Granderson’s name (in his hushed
reserved-only-for-the-visitors voice) through the public address
system. Then, I rise to my feet, along with several thousand other
fans. We applaud him and say thank-you.

I expect that he will pause before taking his place in the batter’s box and then he will acknowledge us with his tip of the hat.

At least that’s how I envision it.

Even though he will be on the other team, he will be cherished as a
one-time Tiger. Sad to say, inevitably, he will become one of  “them.”


When you compare it to yesterday, today was quiet, with only the
occasional leaked rumor to remind us that something was still brewing
behind closed doors. The latest – according to Fox Sports – a push to
bring former Dodger Juan Pierre to Detroit. That’s a move I would
welcome. I like Pierre. He has a good bat, and he is an exceptional
outfielder. He could help this team sans Granderson.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis.  We
will see what, if anything, it brings to our table. Dave Dombrowski may
have another big deal quietly in the works. Will he be able to pull off
the Pierre deal? Can he bring a veteran closer to Detroit? Tomorrow has
all of the answers and only time will tell.

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