FINALLY! A Tigers Game That Will Count!

This is going to be a somewhat short entry tonight! I went to the Tigers/Rays game this afternoon at Comerica Park. My buddy Rob fell into a couple of tickets. The seats were behind home plate. They were back just far enough so that I couldn’t be the cell phone guy. But, not back enough to get out of the sun. I completely forgot the sun screen! I’m crispy and tired. OUCH! Oh, the pain I endure for these guys!

Oh the pain!

We lost the game in extra innings. The bullpen blew a well-pitched game by starter Zach Miner!

Sadly, Shef didn’t get number 500 today. He’ll get a chance tomorrow, though!


With the White Sox and Twins winning today, Chicago will play Detroit in a make-up game tomorrow. If the Tiger’s win, the Twins will take the Central and advance to the playoffs! If Chicago wins, they’ll have to play the Twins on Tuesday! 

Well, at least we’ve got a game that counts for something!


The Tigers have fired pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and bullpen coach Jeff Jones! I was calling for their heads a month into the season.

What took the Tigers so damn long???


The Mets lost today to the Marlins and the Brewers beat the Cubs. Sadly, the Mets have experienced Deja Vu. For the second straight year they have been knocked out of the play-offs on the last day of the season.

With another complete game win from CC, the Brewers advance to the play-offs for the first time since 1982.





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