Nick Adenhart


Last night, after the Tigers game was done – and won – I turned to the list of ball games being played, and decided on the Angels/Oakland game.

The young pitcher for Los Angeles was phenomenal. One of the best performances I have seen.

Nick Adenhart pitched the game of his life last night, and then a drunk driver took his life from him in the morning hours after the game. He was just 22 years old.

The driver who hit him – survived. He now faces vehicular manslaughter charges.

Baseball is a community. A community of players and fans. As fans, there is a relationship that we develop with the guys on the field. When something likes this happens, we all share the pain.

The tragedy became particularly meaningful for Detroit fans, as we watched two rookie pitchers face each other in Toronto. A few times today we thought that it could have easily been one of them. It reminded us just how short life really is.

My thoughts, and prayers go out to Nick Adenhart’s family and friends.

Read this story from Lyle Spencer, a writer for, on MLBlogs. Tonight let’s remember a young guy who was only just stepping out, onto the big stage.

When the best, and brightest of us, are pulled from the game of life, we cry.

But, tonight, the stadium lights, in another place, will shine upon a new player on the field. And, the crowd there will cheer.

Last night, Nick Adenhart pitched for the Los Angeles Angels.

He’ll be pitching tonight, too. It will be with a new team of angels.

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